08 April 2021Holdings in CompanyTR108/04/2021
31 March 2021Interim ResultsResults31/03/2021
23 March 2021Holdings in CompanyTR123/03/2021
22 March 2021Change of NameUpdate22/03/2021
11 March 2021Holdings in CompanyTR111/03/2021
11 March 2021Exercise of WarrantsUpdate11/03/2021
08 March 2021Corporate UpdateUpdate08/03/2021
01 March 2021Holdings in CompanyTR101/03/2021
01 March 2021Exercise of WarrantsUpdate01/03/2021
04 February 2021Holdings in CompanyTR104/02/2021
04 February 2021Holdings in CompanyTR104/02/2021
03 February 2021Exercise of WarrantsUpdate03/02/2021
28 January 2021Trading Update and Option ExerciseUpdate28/01/2021
30 December 2020Change of Accounting Reference DateUpdate30/12/2020
17 December 2020Holdings in CompanyTR117/12/2020
07 October 2020Holdings in CompanyTR107/10/2020
06 October 2020Holdings in CompanyTR106/10/2020
01 October 2020Result of SubscriptionPlacing01/10/2020
01 October 2020Results of 2020 AGMGM01/10/2020
30 September 20202020 Interim ResultsResults30/09/2020
29 September 2020Launch of SubscriptionPlacing29/09/2020
03 September 2020Option Extension Agreement and Share SuspensionUpdate03/09/2020
02 September 20202019 Annual Results and AGM NoticeResults02/09/2020
17 July 2020Trading Update of Insight Capital Partners LtdUpdate17/07/2020
15 July 2020Change of AdviserUpdate15/07/2020
29 May 2020Appointment of Non-Executive DirectorUpdate29/05/2020
06 May 2020Extension for ReportingUpdate06/05/2020
30 March 2020Directorate ChangeUpdate30/03/2020
11 March 2020Change of Registered AddressUpdate11/03/2020
09 March 2020Completion of InvestmentUpdate09/03/2020
09 March 2020Holdings in CompanyTR109/03/2020
06 March 2020Holdings in CompanyTR106/03/2020
04 March 2020Result of SubscriptionPlacing04/03/2020
03 March 2020Launch of SubscriptionPlacing03/03/2020
03 March 2020Proposed Investment in Insight CapitalUpdate03/03/2020
17 February 2020Result of General Meeting and Change of NameGM17/02/2020
31 January 2020Strategy Update and General Meeting NoticeUpdate31/01/2020
26 September 20192019 Interim ResultsResults26/09/2019
16 August 2019Director Disclosure UpdateDisclosure16/08/2019
09 August 2019Holdings in CompanyTR109/08/2019
06 August 2019Holdings in CompanyTR106/08/2019
02 August 2019Appointment of Chief ExecutiveAppointment02/08/2019
01 August 2019Holdings in CompanyTR101/08/2019
24 July 2019Result of Annual General MeetingGM24/07/2019
15 July 2019Equity PlacingPlacing15/07/2019
28 June 20192018 Annual Results and Notice of AGMResults28/06/2019
18 March 2019Holdings in CompanyTR118/03/2019
27 September 20182018 Interim ResultsResults27/09/2018
29 August 2018Result of Annual General MeetingGM29/08/2018
28 June 20182017 Annual Results and Notice of AGMResults28/06/2018
18 April 2018Director/PMDR ShareholdingDirector Shareholding18/04/2018
16 March 2018Director/PMDR ShareholdingDirector Shareholding16/03/2018
13 March 2018Holdings in CompanyTR113/03/2018
13 March 2018Holdings in CompanyTR113/03/2018
12 March 2018Result of General MeetingGM12/03/2018
23 February 2018Equity Placing and Notice of General MeetingPlacing23/02/2018
23 February 2018Company UpdateUpdate23/02/2018
28 September 20172017 Interim ResultsResults28/09/2017
30 August 2017Result of Annual General MeetingGM30/08/2017
30 June 20172016 Annual Results and Notice of AGMResults30/06/2017
27 June 2017Equity PlacingPlacing27/06/2017
29 March 2017Equity PlacingPlacing29/03/2017
23 March 2017Holdings in CompanyTR123/03/2017
16 February 2017Holdings in CompanyTR116/02/2017
02 February 2017Holdings in CompanyTR102/02/2017
22 November 2016Ultimate Player UpdateUpdate22/11/2016
28 September 20162016 Interim ResultsResults28/09/2016
06 September 2016Equity PlacingPlacing06/09/2016
31 August 2016Result of Annual General MeetingGM31/08/2016
28 June 2016Equity PlacingPlacing28/06/2016
27 June 20162015 Annual Results and Notice of AGMResults27/06/2016
23 June 2016Holdings in CompanyTR123/06/2016
14 April 2016Ultimate Player Update and Broker AppointmentUpdate14/04/2016
24 December 2015Change of WebsiteUpdate24/12/2015
17 December 2015Equity PlacingPlacing17/12/2015
29 October 2015Result of General MeetingGM29/10/2015
12 October 2015Proposed Name Change and Notice of General MeetingGM12/10/2015
17 June 20152014 Annual Results and Notice of General MeetingResults17/06/2015